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Hello my dear friends!


Ooo, yes, you're right. That's me, KnightGhost from the story I'm writing and an administrator of the Knight Nui forum, which I really love to be on.


The story you can read only on Knight Nui forum, but for your interest, here will be the excepts from every new published chapter of it. It will maybe appear interesting to you and we might even get some more new members there. Despite we're gaming and Doctor Who fans, we're discussing many more things on there so you're really welcome to join us there. However, my story and my graphics are only the addition (not so very important one) to the site. 


Well, I've overlived a lot of good and bad things and some of them will be revealed through the story.


Here you'll also have the chance to see some artworks in my gallery and there will also be the links to Knight Nui and its public sites.


Well, this is all for the momment. I just have the work to do ... scarring somewhere (what are the ghosts for anyway), but I'll return and write some more here.


Enjoy the site and have fun!

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BIONICLE is back! Thank you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year KN Sports personality of 2011 Gaming Tardis

Mario- The defending champion has once more showed his outstanding character in a difficult year, managing to produce two outstanding displays in 3D Land as well as the remarkably different task of mastering the go-Kart.

He says: “It’s an honoura to be ona the list again! I’ve had a good year and want to to-a top it off with a wina.”

Every generation, there is one genre of video game that simply dominates all others. In the NES era, simple exploration and platform games were king, with very few 'mature' titles on the market, a theme that remained amongst the MegaDrive/Super Nintendo platform heyday, as the likes of Sonic 2 and Super Mario World simply churned out. Today, however, the video game market is ruled by the first-person shooter: a genre so childishly adult that any scraps of maturity current titles have are blown away by an encore of blood and guts.

All those who are playing or following Minecraft from the very beginning they know it all, I know, including the fact that the game is finally not beta version anymore, but it finally came out as full version in which almost everything beta players tried, created and had issues with was incorporated. And there is even more but let’s go in turn.

Hello XRacer101.


As one of the admins of this forum I am really happy I can give you some reply.


I don't know how many times toaroni and Grancko are still looking at this site but I used to do so quite regularly until short time ago. I also still maintain the custom URL to this site for all those magnificent old days of it. (by KnightGhost)

This forum is nt alive anymore but still if you occassionally wander here around, visiting to read something interesting LEGO, Doctor Who, gaming and rugby related, we - the staff of this forum who still lingers here around - wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year! (by KnightGhost)

As much as impossible it seams it's true. On FB LEGO announced the return of Bionicle with official title Bionicle 2015. The Toa come back in place for new task, finding te Golden mask of creation. (by KnightGhost)

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Sunday, 18th March 2012


I can't believee it's more then a year since I've posted here last and thinking back to happenings I actually never thought my newest post will be kind of sorrow one.


It was, as you could read and see almost everywhere in our network, the magnificent 5 years of our forums last year and we all hoped to at least another 5 or even more. However the fortune wasn't on our side and the forums are not as populated as they were a while ago at the moment.


No, the network is not down and we all still hope the revival will come and it's only temporary thing what is happening now. However it's still a bit sad to see all things slipping through our fingers, all things we were so enthusiastic about and put so much work and effort into it.


The last edition of our Knight-Nui News was broadcasted first on UStream exactly 3 months ago and a month later we finally, after quite some technical problems, managed to upload it on our TV aswell. I hoped to be more of them, however the happenings have gone their own way and here we are ... at the very last Knight-Nui News edition. I won't fool neither myself nor you that I still have hopes to see those glory days of KN which once were, but well, there are unfortunately many more important things in our lives so one thing just has to go and the other is about to step up for it.


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