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Sunday, July 5th 2009


This week was really exciting with all happenings on and around The Lions Tour. We were all in expectations to at least last Test wictory by the Lions and ... the expectations were fulfilled this time. As you can see everywhere in our network we are extreamly happy with this and the fact that one week before was total oposition of this one couldn't shade all these happenings.


However many things happened since the last Editorial here. We've lived to see quite some unpleasant and also pleasant things in general and in our Network. Speaking of general happenings here surely was the booming news that Michael Jackson - pop icon - died. The next bad thing was Lions had lost the second Test also and we really hoped the last one would be their Victory after all. On the site therre were some updates made and our Sister (let's say main) site Knight-Nui was updated also with reviews and mostly Lions things. Sudoku 50, Robin Hood's last episode, Lions players ratings, Editorials written by our head admin Toaroni and more you still can read there. On our TV you are able to see the new episode of Blastoise and quite some Knight-Nui News Editions. Yesterday already 41st was broadcasted and this time I'm really glad I could put three celebrations together. Which are they you will see if you go and watch the last edition of course. The discussion on our forum goes on too. Here on the site you can read one new thing - Awkward gamer's Blog. Who is this awkward gamer? Eh, come on ... I of course. Hopefully you've enjoyed the reading and had some fun doing this.


And what now? Oh, we have a lot of work to do. One of major one are preparation to already 50th Edition of Knight-Nui News which will come quite soon. Only 9 weeks to go and here we are. What we're planing? I don't quite know yet, but one thing is for sure. This time we will go out from the studio, probably in Home Harbour and will broadcast from there. All the rest will be known and decided in the periode of preparations. However, this will be my first and biggest exploit so far so wish me some luck.


Until the next editorial here have great time and fun in gaming, watching our TV or reading our articles on Knight-Nui and here and of course expect the next entry in Awkward Gamer's blog. It comes really soon!


Your Ghosty

Sunday, August 9th 2009


After being responsible for updates on Knight-Nui Site it is quite a releaf to know our staff is back again, but not that I wouldn't be able to do the things by myself. It's just good to have some company, knowing that you are not alone.


As you could see there were some articles posted on KN site and I even managed to complete the Editorial Archive what I'm really glad we finally managed to do. Then on you always had all updates here on Home Harbour as well so no matter which site you visited you could know what new is going on in our Network.


Today also the new part of Ghosts story was posted and a part of that you are able to read here on this site. However if you are interested in the whole thing you'll have to proceed to Knight-Nui where the whole story is exclusively published. The whole story already contains 31 chapters in the first book and 3 in the second so you can expect a lot of unexpected things to happen yet. Hopefully you enjoy it if you read it at all of course.


As you could see as well, we're steadily closing up to broadcast or 50th Edition of Knight-Nui News and two week after that we will hopefully celebrate our 1 year anniversary of the series. I plan something more unusual and special for 50th edition, but will I really succeed to finish everything until then, I honestly don't know. I'll try to do my best.


For the end I'll reveal one more secret: The real movie of Ghosts story is in preparation, but it will quite a lot of time to be needed to do its first chapter so you'll just have to be patient and wait until then.


"This is everything for tonight ..." you can always hear at the end of Knight-Nui News and I hope you'll be able to listen so this for quite some time in the future as well.


Your Ghosty


Tuesday, September 22nd 2009


After taugh weekend I had in the redaction of our News despite there was celebration of 1-year anniversary of Knight-Nui News ahead us, I finally managed to take a deep breath and rest a bit. I was eager to prepare something special for this occassion and somehow thought new computer and software would be in great help with that, but I just acn't tell you how I was wrong and the more I struggled to do everytnig in time the more my new things were annoying and in no help at all. But finally, like so many times before, I won this battle as well. It was a day of delay, but I didn't quit before I was able to put our anniversary News online on our TV. I'm glad again I had so much of streinght and will to go on when many others would quit. Of course here goes many thanks to our two head admins - toaroni and Grancko for their patience and support shown on Twitter and there also goes many thanks to you visitors and spectators who patiently waited for edition to come online. a


The next thing I have to do here is to appologize to all of you who visited Harbour and found no updates here. I admit the first thing those two weeks was Knight-Nui News anniversary and activities around this and found practically no time to update things here. However all what was new you were able to see on Knight-Nui sites and forum so you didn't miss anything at all.


Well, now slowly the things will come to normal and here are updates again as well. Not all will be done just now, because here's one more anniversary which is here just today: 2 years of KNTV! Celebrate with us and enjoy movies and videos presented there. You know them all: Blastoise, Charizard, Pichu, Why we don't do ads, Alternate vortex, Phoenix Wright and more.


As far as concernes me, I have a lot of work to do here yet and I just have to visit our forums too, being administrator now. Yes, that's right. I was promoted, but I will spread thoughts about this at some other occassion.


Have fun and note: our updates here are back!


Your's Ghosty


Sunday, 6th December 2009


First of all I just have to apologize again as here were no updates for quite a long time but this time I have an unexcusable appology. I was ill and not able to do anything on the computer for more then 14 days and I even now am not quite fit but I just couldn't hold out updates here for much longer.


Yes it's almost 3 months since I've written last editorial here but until 15th November or so you were able to see all other updates from KN Network and Ghosts anyway.


Well, in this periode many things happened from 2-years of KN TV to this year's KN Advent Calendar which is already in progress. My illness didn't prevent me only from doing updates here on the page, but also I had to miss one edition of News last Saturday what was extreamly taugh but neccessary deceision if I was about to at least a bit return to my normal stage.


Now I'm back in action again and the results are here of course. News edition was broadcasted yesterday as scheduled, updates here are in progress though I don't know if I'll manage to do everything today, but OK. You can see me on Twitter at least for 5 or so minutes every day where I'm telling you everything new what is going on on Knight-Nui or at my quarters. If you don't want to go to Twitter updates are always here for you as well.


Despite my illness I was on Twitter almost all the time and took the time to do some charity donations. This time is just calling to do some good deeds and for this year I picked Cardiff Blues Suporters club raising money for Ty Hafan Hospic. If you feel you just have to do something good for the others in this time of the year I welcome you to join me and give your share as well. You know: Every £ counts.


Now we're moving on. Every day you will be able to enjoy new Advent Calendar surprise on Knight-Nui sites and TV, our News will be on next Saturday again and many other things surely will be in store for you so visit us frequently and enjoy the things we prepared for you.  


Your's Ghosty


Friday, 28th May 2010


Finally! I already am hearing you saying and yes, finally I'm here to write something new. Those of you who are regular visitors of this site, will know exactly when the last editorial here was written and it was about a half year ago. That long? Yes, that long.


And what we did through all this time? A lot of things and still we maybe could do more. We somehow passed those Advent times, not so in rush and stile as we did Christmas season a year ago, but still we provided Advent Calendar and there were surprises every day.Then there was annual voting for Knight-Nui Awards in which we have results of Comunity and Doctor Who Awards, but we still are waiting to get gaming awards. Hopefully we'll get them till the end of year, but if not, then there's another year, no problem. Speaking of Comunity Awards I just have to proudly mention members of Knight-Nui voted for Knight-Nui News as the best non fiction TV Broadcast again which gave us even a bit more momentum to  start making plans for ur 100th Edition which comes quite soon. New games were released and we spent quite some time playing them partly because it was fun and partly because there were reviews to be written afterwards. Doctor Who Series 5 was one of few things we were very anticipated with and then there was this FAMOUS! finale Cardiff Blues Rugby team played in Amlin Cup with Toulon. Blues won of course and I felt like I would win! But there was sad ocassion as well. As quick as we've got Tic Tac as a new member as quick she had to go away from us. She was very active and was the first member ever got the title of Member of the Week which we started to give to most active members short time ago. Among all anticipation I have with Rugby, makind our News and other things, I've won my own Member of the week title as well. A big surprise which was not expected I took gladly as it gave me streinght to move on even when there were hopeless situations and times.


Now we're waiting and counting down to the next, one of the biggest gaming event and this of course is E3. For now we promissed we'll cover the event but there are exams our head admin Toaroni has to pass and besides him and Grancko, there are no gaming geeks who would not be lazy enough and capable of writing good and sirious reviews and previews. Oh, well, I'm trying to figure something out to help, but until now there was not much success in such atempts.


What about Harbour here? I near you asking. Well, I have to admit, despite Knight-Nui stuff which I wished to be updated as regularly as possible, there were no other updates. But don't worry. Ghosts story isn't finished yet. It practically only begun and I already have plenty of material to publish here. Characters descriptions are made, some scenes for the movie are also provided and I even did some work on the scenario and timeline, but this all needs a bit of mastering yet before it can come here. Awkward gamer will return in short as well and the story will also be updated. I suggest you follow me on Twitter where you will always get the latest updates and also some of my silly rugby and other comments of (non)expert. - lol I also plan to rearange this site a bit, but I am not planing to rid off of blue color yet. I feel kind of blue what doesn't mean I feel sad and frustrated, but rather calm and in consense with myself and with this World. I'll try to provide introductions to the characters of Ghosts story on our Harbour Talk forum also and you're warmly welcome to participate in discussion of course.


But if I don't come as frequent as you would like and expect, you surely can find me elswhere in Knight-Nui Network and Home Harbour other sites. I'm on Twitter as I've already said, there's also Doorstep - a tiny google site which is mostly updated with happenings and new movies on our two YouTube Channels - mine and KN's. You can also visit my Windows Live Home where mostly you can find updates in KN News Studio Celebrity Pictures album. I'm constantly on Knight-Nui forum of course  and you can reach me there as well.


Well, dear readers, you're invited to be with us, no matter or on KN forum, KN site, our two TV's or on other sites we own. Send us feedback, suggestions or even review or preview of the games you play. Contact us through KN site or here on this page where you have two contact forms - one for contacting me in person and the other to contact KN Staff. 


This weekend already the 86th Edition of Knight-Nui News comes on the air, Ospreys are playing its own finale, Doctor Who Series 5 will be out with its 8th Edition, I'm also promissing you new Editorial on KN site, so here are plenty of things to do. Enjoy and have fun!


Your Ghosty     

Friday, 5th November 2010


I just can't believe how time passes by quickly. It seams like it only short time passed from the time I did the last editorial here, and it's already almost the end of the year. Only 2 month left and here will be 2011.


What I was doing all this time, you probably are wonderring. A lot of things, most of all pleasant and fun in deed. Maybe that's why the time passed by so quickly. From May when I last posted here a lot of things happened. We coverred E3 event and this year it was the first time I followed it online as well. I have to say it was quite an experience and I intend to do this again next year. E3 realyl is something special and this way you're among the first to know everything what is significent for gaming world.

Then we celebrated our forum's 4th anniversary and we tried hard to do something special, but for the most things of this year I can easily say that time was more our enemy then a friend. We didn't manage much to do, but still there were some things which kept us excited about all this.

Our News were next which celebrated; first our 100th Ecition when we went live for the first time ever. Preparations were realyl huge and I was constant deep into work for this, really celebratory edition. 2nd year of News then seamed even not so important and practically nothing realyl special was prepared. But yes, our News are 2 years old now.

KNTV celebrated its own anniversary as well - 3rd already, but we just couldn't gather so much streingth and time to do something really special. Mentioning it on our forum and correction of our mark on KNTV site here was all we really managed to do.


And what about Home Harbour you're probably wonderring. Home Harbour was constantly updated mostly with new things from our TV and sites, but otherwise nothing much really happened. However I see you - visitors kept comming and monitoring things and I'm really thankful for this all. 12.000+ views realyl isnt' so little number for such little and humble site at all and I only can be satisfied with the acheevement.


And the story? It ended on Knight-Nui forum, but surely not entirely. The first book was finished with the last entry on the forum but if you read it you surely could see end is not even a bit near. And you're right. I started to write second book, but I didn't do much yet. On forum I announced that I will not continue publishing it. However really quiet times there at the moment made me aware I just have to do something and continue the whole thing. The story started publishing exclusively on our forum after all so it's maybe my obligation to continue this way.


And now? Oh, there is a lot of things to be done. Christmas is almost here and I don't doubt there will be a lot of special things going on on our forum, sites and TV channels, Knight-Nui Awards are (hopefully) ahead of us as well, also is Advent Calendar so we surely have plenty to do before all this comes. I also am thinking about continuing my "Awkward Gammer's Blog" as well, despite I didn't play many games lately, but well, there are many awkwardies during playing happening which I didn't tell you yet so you can expect some new entries to happen in short time.


I do many more things as well, but most of all you can find me on twitter, twitting to all who are willing to follow me and if they're interesting to follow I surely am following back. Mostly I'm busy with RadioCardiff and some of their presenters. Francis Taylor - their Sport presenter and Rachel Price - moderator are those who I realyl like the most. But well, go to my twitter and do the reading there if you're interesting in what this si all about.


What is most important is, that I'm still happy being Knight-Nui member and forum administrator. I'm still as enthusiastic and anticipated in whatever we're doing - from gaming to rugby andmore. So, dear visitors, mostly you'll find me there - on twitter, Knight-Nui network and hmmm ... maybe texting to RadioCardiff or doing our Knight-Nui News which is really fun to do.  


Your Ghosty     


Wednesday, 23rd February 2011


It was November since I last posted here, wasn't it? I just can't believe how fast the time passes by. We only celebrated New Year and here we are in the middle of February already.


Well, to tell you honestly last year's Christmas didn't go too well neither for me nor for Knight-Nui. We have planned so many things to do and bring out to you, but the time was not on our side. I have to admit this slowely but steadily begun to happen already at the end of summer when school started and the life became more busy on real side of it for all of us. However we still are here and we're planning to do our come-back. We hope we still have you on our side to help us acheeve what we want and plan to.


But some things still happened and they were great! The Knight-Nui News were broadcasted all the way until the last Advent week when there was no edition. The cause was not leak of news to report, but my health which prevented me to do any stuff at all. Not knowing what would be best for me to do for not to be in such terrible pain, I couln't do anything for a long time. I couldn't sit, I couldn't lay, I couldnt' stand ... and I thought it would be better not to do anything then do the whole edition with errors. The first comeback was a week after New Year with 1 and a half hour long edition broadcasted live on my UStream channel. It brought all important and significent news from the year 2010 and to be honest I like it even now. The whole week was needed to complete it and live broadcast, despite only 1 viewer, was like a magic for me.


At the moment our forums are almost quiet, but there already is creating a momentum for new things to be brought to all those faithful readers and fans who come to our forums and site. Here's 6 Nations rugby championship going on at the moment, following by Red Nose Day Comic Relief again on March 18th, in June there will be E3 again to follow and many more things which really should bring some exciting things to our network.


And at Home Harbour? Here is plenty of stuff for you to enjoy and some new will be added. On Knight-Nui forum already the 2nd book of Ghosts story is in progress and I will try to make some updates in related stuff like characters and worlds as well. However, you can already enjoy some music from the movie I plan to make in a time and I hope you like it at least a bit.


What else is in store? Surely a lot of tweets of all kinds as I do them now as well, a lot of music videos in my playlist, some updates in Knight-Nui TV Series guide page which is hidden for you to enjoy at the moment and more of course.


Well, the tasks are here to do and I hope we will have more success in doing them all as we had last year. As they're in store for you to enjoy the things when they will be put out in public, we expect you to be there to enjoy them.


Until then ... here's Spring slowly comming in so enjoy it with every beat of your body, heart and mind.


Your Ghosty


Sunday, 18th March 2012


I can't believee it's more then a year since I've posted here last and thinking back to happenings I actually never thought my newest post will be kind of sorrow one.


It was, as you could read and see almost everywhere in our network, the magnificent 5 years of our forums last year and we all hoped to at least another 5 or even more. However the fortune wasn't on our side and the forums are not as populated as they were a while ago at the moment.


No, the network is not down and we all still hope the revival will come and it's only temporary thing what is happening now. However it's still a bit sad to see all things slipping through our fingers, all things we were so enthusiastic about and put so much work and effort into it.


The last edition of our Knight-Nui News was broadcasted first on UStream exactly 3 months ago and a month later we finally, after quite some technical problems, managed to upload it on our TV aswell. I hoped to be more of them, however the happenings have gone their own way and here we are ... at the very last Knight-Nui News edition. I won't fool neither myself nor you that I still have hopes to see those glory days of KN which once were, but well, there are unfortunately many more important things in our lives so one thing just has to go and the other is about to step up for it.


Well, but in this year I didn't post it was not all so black. As I've said, we celebrated Knight-Nui's 5th anniversary in style with live broadcast of KN News with documentary which was created by our founders Toaroni and Grancko. We followed E3 with real enthusiasm and there was Rugby World Cup in September/October which we were even more enthusiastic about and was real magic. I enjoyed every single bit of this both and the magic still continues as yesterday Wales took 6 Nations Grand Slam. Yah, for that magnificent moment I became Welsh Woman, proud to be able to be a part of something so great if only online, but anyway.


What else I did in this long year? A lot of things. I digitally created quite some music, decided to continue my story and finally put some more effort into creating the movie. I was learning all kinds of 3D graphics programes to acheave what I want regarding the movie and I managed to produce some tutorials for my once so beloved game Bionicle MNOLG II which is, as I can see, still one of those magical one for many of us, Bionicle fans.


And what I plan to do now? Many things, if only my eyes will alow me to do them. The plans are huge ones, will they all be fulfilled or not it's hard to say, but I surely will do my best. The story and movie surely is one thing, Making some more videos, playing some more songs and maybe even singing some is another.


I will, of course still monitor Knight-Nui forums and network, it is still there and it is still ours and it still can be active especially with a little help from you. I am still admin there and I will be there as long as I'm needed.


Well, but yesterday I made a promise and it is about to be kept now. I'm putting myself infront of the hardest task of my life ever - learning Welsh! I started once doing this, but failed. Now I tend not to. I never break promisses so this one shouldn't be broken aswell.


And what's with Talk Slovene, Free translated songs page and other pages? I'll keep working on them and hopefully they will be presented to the public one day, who knows.


I'll be everywhere as I was until now, might be a bit less active, but still there so don't forget to visit us from time to time, being this our Knight-Nui forums or pages or this page you're just visiting now - my Home Harbour.


With best wishes!


Your Ghosty