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July 17th 2008

Hello friends again.


Well, it's summer here and we - ghosts enjoy it too. It's much easier to visit and scare around then in winter. Oh, well, not that I mind cold and slow, but anyway ... isn't it more romantic. Hehe, you didn't know we can be romantic too? Oooo, yes and we enjoy many other good things.


Oh, well, on Knight Nui it's also summer and we enjoy all kinds of activities . This week is really somethign for all of us there.


We finally can enjoy the E3 gaming event - one of the biggest of the year where quite some announcements will be made.


Then, we faced the end of the Dr. Who series for approximatelly 2 years when it will (hopefully really) continue again with (I believe) many more adventures and tension and unbelievable happenings you can hardly imagine. In the mean time you can watch Sarah Jones adventures what is kind of spinn off of Dr. Who.


Also we cellebrated 2-years anniversary of the Knight Nui forum and this was really great oppurtunity for many things to happen on the forum. All in all there's something new every day


Many things happens on KN TV as well and the newest thing is launching of Doomy Blastoise Series 3 which also began last week. But you know very well that some new things can be seen here on KN YouTube TV too.


Well, my ghostly story isn't updated with new chapter yet though it's already written and hopefully I'll post it in these days so you will be able to enjoy the newest adventures of the ghosts and all the other good and mean creatures in these strange worlds. What will happen? Hmmmm .... I and LittleGhost ... no, no, I won't tell you. Visit Knight Nui forum these days and you'll be able to read the latest of our adventures ...


Oh, well and this is it somehow. We're jsut in the mood to make some more things in this hot weather which perfectly fits with our mood and desire for work.


And ... stay tuned because I'll come back and do some more things here as well.


Enjoy the day and have fun!


Your Ghosty

July 19th 2008 1:07 am

It's so big announcement that I have to post it on the first page.


Quote toaroni Jul 18 2008, 02:15 PM

Last year, we had many updates over the summer, but the biggest change came over Spring when we completely re-vamped the look of the Forums, making them more fresh and up-to-date. While you've already seen bits of the latest design- New Profiles, Forums, Tags, ETC-, the full thing will launch shortly, on the Wednesday 23rd July 2008.


But before that can happen, we'll be putting some extra work in before hand. While Rome wasn't built in a day, Knight-Nui V 4.0 will be built in Three Days. Going off-line on Sunday 20th July, Monday 21st July and Tuesday 22nd July 2008, but progress messages will be posted on the board's Off-Line message while it's being updated, so you'll be able to see as it happens.

Quote toaroni July 20th, 2008


News alert!


The Re-Vamp to Knight-Nui V 4.1 has been delayed to Next Monday, the 31st of July 2008, through to the Wednesday 2nd of August. Hope this doesn't cause any inconvieniance to anyone, ecetra ecetra, ecetra.


All the best,

The KN Team

Sunday, July 27th 2008



Re-vamp will be made from Monday to Wednesday, that is correct, but the dates were written wrong. It will happen from this Monday - July 28th to. Wednesday - July 30th. In this time the Knight Nui forum will be offline and will come back all new and awesome even more as it si now in Thursday July 31st I believe.


In the mean time ... Watch our KN YouTube TV and enjoy all the movies you can see there!


With best wishes

KN Staff

Thursday, August 1st 2008 0:10 am


Already on Wednesday, July 30th Knght Nui forum was online again. It really has awesome changes and features, some changes in forums and categories and new stuff on profiles. There are also more new plans and updates on KN TV and much more.


Read the full report written by Toaroni in KN News and Highlights here on this site or you can join and see for yourself.


Enjoy the KN network and have fun!





Sunday, August 3rd 2008


I just have to tell you that KN awards 07 were finally published. There were awards given in many categories and one of them was given for best KN Moderator.


I'm proud to tell you that the Best KN Moderator award was given to me.


I thank for this honor and congrats to all the winners in other categories.


See full report on Knight Nui

KN TV cellebrates its 1 year anniversary! Congrats!


Here's the whole article published on Knight Nui forums by Toaroni in honor of this occassion. Enjoy it!


Nine Days To Go...


Sooo... Knight-Nui Television was launched one year ago on the 22nd September. It's a major event, and sicne the original launch, 181 Videos have been uploaded, and over 100 Pieces of Original Content have been realise so far, including four totaly original series and then some "Parodies Videos" and stuff as well.


KNTV was original created on the 16th September in PM Conversations between Toaroni and Knightghost with input from Grancko and Gibbon, and has sicne flourished. The fact that one new series was launched on Wednesday (Or Thursday, preior to the delay) and then there's a brand-spanking-new episode of KNTV's Flagship Show, The Doomy Blastoise, (Which is now in it's third season) premiering later today is the proof in the pudding, KNTV Is still going strong.


The current most popular video remains the LEGO Music Video, (And there's a new annoucnment to be amde soon o that front...) with, as this is posted, 45,099 Views and 43 Comments.


With more stuff to come soon, too- A Gorrila written-and-directed (Plus input from a certain Toaroni) Batman movie, Gibbon's massivly ambitious for such a small studio Altenrate Option, and then a fourht series of The Doomy Blastoise and another new show, Illusion covering Dave Jone's adventures in the world's worst Detective Agency.


On top of all that, there's much more too be comfirmed. And maybe the third episode of Smash Saga may be realised at some point...


But to celebrate such a big event, something is being done, right? Well, correct. So there's going to be at least Three Videoes being uploaded over the corse of the next 9 Days, which should mean that the video count will make it to The Big 200 by Thursday...


All this is kicking off with the next episode of The Doomy Blastoise at sometime between 4:15 and 5:00, and then there's the second adventure in Pichu: Hit & Run and maybe even the legendary Third Episode of Smash Saga!


Keep an eye out. Lots of cool stuff headed your way.

I happily announce that the KN TV Series Pichu Hit & Run is finally on the air with its first episode tittled Pichu And The Pokémon. Visit the site of KN TV on this site or go on our KN TV and enjoy it.


You're welcome to visit us on our Knight Nui forums as well!



Today, September 22nd our KN TV celbrates 1 year anniversary.


Congrats to all who made all those awesome movies and thank you all who came and watch them.


It was awesome to produce the movies and we are thrilled to see that they've been watched, commented and some of them also got video responses.


We will try to be even better, to offer you all the enjoyment and fun watching our production. Also we'll try to bring as many news from KN forums, blogs and this TV channel every week. Our series will be our  constancy and who knows, maybe we invent some new as well.


Welcome to our KN TV. Celebrate with us and have fun.

Monday, September 29th 2008


I have to inform you that videos on this channel somehow don't always work. We'll try to do everything what is in our power to refresh the connection with our KN TV if and when this happens. In the mean time please go to our channel at http.// and enjoy vwatching movies from there.

Saturday, October 4th, 2008


New on KN:


- On KN forums you can read all about Nintendo fall conference which was on October 2nd.

- Our KN TV brings everything about new Nintendo DSi.

- The 3rd edition of Knight-Nui news is already on KN TV.

- On Knight-Nui forum we are discussing the Sarah Jane Adventure Series 2 first episode "The Last Sontarian

- In honor of Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 our GFX team created a forum logo.

- New opinion articles written by Toaroni on Knight-Nui blog.


This and much more you can find in Knight-Nui Network!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008


New on KN:


- New KN TV related channel Tidey TV which will broadcast the new series titled Chunky the Hedgehog. Trailers out already on both channels.  

- New story on Knight-Nui forum written by Toaroni, titled Seven years silence.  

- New schedule for KN Movie Series Pichu Hit & Run was announced. New series every second week.

- New chapter of Ghosts story was not published last saturday.

- List of Vii games presented on Tokyo gaming show you can find on Knight Nui forums.



This and much more you can find in Knight-Nui Network!

Friday, October 31st, 2008


Halloween edition of the Knight-Nui News was launched yesterday, but I have to apologize for some interfearance at once. The witch which rumbled around all the time all of a sudden disappeared from the movie and so is the white ghost. That's why the transmission from one news to another are only black with some eavil sound in the background. The witch didn't want to appear in the movie even at the end of it and that's why you have all Last minute news in blackness.


All in all, the full edition was much better, but no matter how I tried to repair the things there was no success in this matter. I apologize for there are no special efects due to this though.


However, enjoy the News. We have a lot to tell.

Monday, November 17th 2008


Would you believe? We came to redaction of the 10th edition of Knight-Nui News. I'm exciting about this because at the momments I didn't quite believe I'll be able to do them that long.


It's exciting to work such news and I'll surely try to bring something special in these jubilee which are about to come.


Well, cellebrate with me!


And of course you're invited to give ideas of what special would you like to see in ocasion of cellebration.


In the mean time you can enjoy the 9th - last - edition which also brings a lot of interesting things. Enjoy!



Your Ghosty

Monday, December 1st 2008


Here we are in the last month of the year already, but if I think a bit closely, the year is only began and there's no more of it. Well, a lot of things will go on on our Knight-Nui forum and the most exciting things will be the presents of the Advent Calendar which started today. Every day there will be something new and so the countdown till Christmas day begins.


Today - for the day 1 we bring the last Episode of the 3rd series of Doomy Blastoise, and then the things will go on and on ... till Christmas when we'll give you the last present in this year's Advent Calendar.


Well, my strong advise is that you visit our forums and KN TV and see for yourself what will be new and great!



Monday, December 22nd 2008


Today, for the beginning of last Advent Week I've experienced quite strange thing. I can't remember this happened already before, at least not to me. Knight-Nui Forums were down for about an hour or so and honestly said, I feared already that something drastic had happened and I don't know for the ocassion.


Well, we're online again now and you can discuss and read the topics and forums - from the Knight-Nui News to Advent Calendar. A lot of special gifts is wating for you so go ahead and visit our sites.


Have fun and Merry Christmas!


Youur Ghosty

Monday, January 5th 2009


Well, all the celebrations are after us, we've closed Christmas season for last year and put our Advent Calendar into archive and we're finally back at work, at least I am. As far as concerns the others - especially our head admin Toaroni I think he never stopped to work at all no matter how festive the time was.


There was no News this Friday, but, well, here I am and you can expect the next edition next week again.


I hope you had a great New Year's party and you recharged yourselves with the new energy so the work will go easier and smoother.



My first Editorial on


Thurstday, January 23rd 2009


It was the time of inspiration last Friday when I've put together our last newest edition of Knight-Nui News and I thought I have to write kind of Editorial for our site. Many things inspired me to write it and here is the tinny part of it.




"Here I am, listening to Apocaliptica and circeling through our site and forum for the fresh thigs to put them in our News I'm preparing every Friday (well it's actually more Saturday then Friday as they're uploaded at late night almost morning every week.).


Every week when I begin to choose what would be worthy of publishing in the News I'm aware this all has to be interesting for spectators to make them watching these 10 minutes – as long as the news are – carefully and with interest pinned on their chairs eyes on the screens. I always fear I'd make wrong choice or the News will not be interesting enough, but somehow I always manage to put something quite good together each time. ..."


More on

Saturday, January 31st, 2009


Wow! Once the News were put online almost on time. It was around 2:30 am when I just had to upload the edition to our KN TV and update our Knight-Nui new site and the work was done for the week.


Well, but this is just half truth. The fact is that when you decide to produce the news which have  to be as fresh and accurate as possible, you have to know one thing: the work is never done. When you lounch one edition, you just have to think about another which should be out in next termin (in our case on Friday or the latest Saturday). But I'm happy every single time when one edition is finished. This doesn't mean only that I can take another deep breath for the new start, but also that I succeeded in doing my work. This is just how I feel today. The News are in the air with fresh info from our network what means there is something what might interest those who didn't pay too much attention to our Network till now. You never know who might watch our KN TV and everything what is put there and who might become curious what we are, what we are doing, what we're discussing on forums about etc.


Well, I suggest you don't wonder too long what all this might be, but rather watch our TV, visit our sites and forums and find out all this the best way possible ... by yourselves of course! Good luck and of course have fun! This is most important.


Your Ghosty

Saturday, February 7th, 2009


I have to admit I was a bit surprised yesterday when finisheing our latest edition of Knight-Nui News.  Why? Well, I have two reasons. One is that I've got the KN Award for the best moderator for the year 2008. It's already the second award in two years. I'm happy for it but of course obliged to do my work even better. Then it came one more ... Knight-Nui News has got its award as well. The Award was given for the best Non-fiction series on KN TV. Chiers! Yes, we celebrated a bit yesterday, but not much because we still had the News to finish and put online.


what could be better then getting Award right on 20th edition of our News. Yes, that's right - 20th edition is in the air on our TV. There's not much said about the Awards though, because the news was last minute and I hardly managed to put it in the schedule, but expect to be more about all the winners and Awards in the next edition.  Oh, and one more ... we had too much to say again for those 10 YouTube minutes so expect the whole version of the edition to be broadcasted on Google Videos in a few days.


What to say more? Well, thank you all who voted for me and our Knight-Nui News. I hope you'll be with us for the next 10 months and more ... Thank you very much!


Your Ghosty

hursday, March 12th, 2009


Just one day and Friday - Red Nose Day - will be here. Have you already done something good and funny for money? Did you sponsor anyone or raised the sponsoring page of your own? If you didn't to something like that yet, then I shold tell you you still have the time. Help Comic Relief raising as much money as possible so they would be able to help and make an impact on as many lives as possible.You can make the difference and you can help if you only can gather some will and wish to do that. Don't worry, every amount counts because from the little grows big and as many will sponsor and donate the bigger the impact will be.


Do something good and help us in atempt to reach our goal. Help us to raise fund of 100 GBP for Comic Relief. Sponsor us and make many lives better.


Thank you in advance!

Thursday, April 14th, 2009


Many new things happened these weeks from the Red Nose Day and the last editorial on here. But still there's not much to tell anyway. I'm a bit sleepy and tired from staying up long in the night. Well what new happened then? a lot of things I could say. We had countdown to the Easter special episode of Doctor who, then the little redesign of our sister site (well main site I would say) Knight-Nui just for this Easter Special occasion. DSi finally got into the stores, but here where I live it just doesn't appear. Well, I have no doubt it will soon though. Easter was here too and we prepared some dishes we're preparing every year for this occasion and then we colored the eggs, naturally. Finally here is some sunny weather as well and I love it. Not just weather, something else did us a bit warm and that was blocking of our Google videos - our Jubilee - 20th edition of Knight-Nui News.


All this and much more was in store for us these two or so weeks. Some were good, some not so good, but we passed over all of them. Now the redaciton of our jubilee - 30th edition began already. I surely will try to prepare something special for this occassion. Hopefully I'll succeede in tis atempt.


Oh, well, let me be enough for tonight. Have great time until we meet again here.

Your Ghosty


Thursday, May 21st, 2009


It's about time, some of you will surely say and give a sigh out. About time for what? New Editorial on here of course. Now ... yes, here it is.


Sitting here I think about what to put in here anyway. I can say our 20th edition of our News is still blocked and I lost hope it will ever be on our TV or Google Video available for you. However, you have it here so you can go to our "Google videos" page and see it from there.


Our main site Knight-Nui was re-designed back to normal after Easter and now it's re-designed again - for much user friendly and better version of it I would say.


Our Ghosts sleep in deep slumber together with all the enemies who plan to catch them and trade for other benefits then. But this is happening only for our forum where our story officially has its place. In reality it continues and has already 30 chapters written in total and many strange things are going on these days in it. Curious? Well it will soon a new chapter be posted and you'll be able to read.


What else? Nothing much really. For monday I've got a job from our admin to write Editorial on KN site instead of him. Cross fingers I'll do this as perfectly and short as possible. You know me, writing something in short isn't quite my speciality, but I'll try to do my best.


This much for now. Until next Editorial cruies around here and Knight-Nui, play games, discuss things with us and don't forget to go to our store and buy something for these hot days which are just comming - at least they say so ...


Your Ghost

Thuesday, June 23rd 2009


Well, it's been 1 month since this was updated, but that's OK, I suppose. In this month a lot of things happened although most of the time it was quite quiet in our network. However E3 Games developer's conference was held in the beginning of this month and it was exciting, especially for me who for the first time have very important job to do. Our staff was away and doing updates on the site was my job. Quite a challenge, this I can say, but it was fun also. Then our staff came back and the big live "following" of the E3 Event could begin. Many games were announced to come out this and next year and we made a prediction of announcements. Oh, well, not all came true though, but some yes. We'll get new Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy II, Metroid: Another M and more. Enjoyable ...


The other thing we are exciting about this month is British and Irish Lions South Africa Tour which is really interesting to follow. I just have to admit I never was interested in any rugby game or something like this and this is all totally new for me, but it's exciting as well. Until Saturday last week Lions were invincible and this was really magnificent to see, at least for me. The first Test they didn't pass so well as they've lost for the first time on the tour, but ... well, there still some games remain and so there are the opportunitys yet to win.


Then there were two editions of News broadcasted which were quite short, but I managed to put them together in style. Even in my studio I've made an E3 and Lions impression so everything was just perfect until Saturday when the last edition should go in the air. My software crushed totally and I couldn't even open it and here I can only say my thanks to my husband (ooo, yes, I have one ... not as ghostly as I am :)) and my son that they enabled me to use their computer to get my work done. Thanks both of you ... And of course one more special thanks to our admin who is always so patient with me when I encounter technical problems. Doing things on other computer was also a special challenge as I just had to find and import everything I've needed into the software again. The result you can see in a bit different credits and tittles and for some reason I don't know exactly, the quality of the News itself as well.


Now here on Harbour, like it was announced in the News, comes one more exciting thing. Oh, well, it at least is exciting for me as I'll do this for the first time. Well, fellow friends, here it comes a new Blog written by me and it titles The Miracles of The Awkward Gamer. Can you at least a bit guess who this Awkwardy could be? No, I won't tell you this yet. Let it be a bit of mystery. In the next days the first entry will appear here on Harbour and then I'll know did I do the job well or not ...


"This is all for tonight ..." the News always ends with this sentence so let this Editorial be ended this way as well. Until next one just enjoy gaming, reading our forums and site and doing other stuff you like and which bring you joy.

Your Ghosty