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Thursday, 25th June 2009 5:03 pm

Smashing and crashing


Oh, no, it's not the word about Smash Bross Brawl but about starting gaming at all. You probably guessed very well already that I'm not good gamer. Actually I'm not gamer at all and I could say except some really easy PC games my first game I ever played was Wii Sports. Prety easy though taugh on the other hand. But when such gaming »geek« as I am starts to play a real game like racing with Sonic The Hedgehog in Zero Gravity or racing in Need for Speed Undercover, then there comes to smashing. Smashing Sonic, smashing cars … Boom, crash etc, etc …


For good gamer watching such race it can result in two things: it can provide an endless fun, laughing about the stupidities and awkwardies I'm doing or it can result in anger and dissappointing feeling, esepecially if that one borrows the character in his or her own game to play …


My son's observation of my gaming resulted in first thing fortunatelly and he just couldn't stop to laugh watching me crashing that poor Sonic against the wall every time it comes to  do the next turn. I can say I'm the master of crashing and smashing and if Nintendo would invent the game where you have to crash everything what is on your way racing through the area I don't doubt I would win the first place.


Hmmm … but that was Wii thing on the big screen … As, that it wouldn't be quite enough I started to wonder how it would be if I take Nintendo DS and do a little speedy race in Need for Speed. Anyways, you have to take into considder that I never played on this console before so here was a chellenge. Guess what? Everything just didn't pass much better. I've crashed one poor Nissan car up to 97 % and my lap was 14+ minutes long. Crashing and smashing, blowing the engine up and almost murdoring the character I'm playing with are my highest qualities. My son already feared what else I might spoil in that game for him but fortunatelly I didn't take the main character of the game. Because if I would, I can imagine he surely wouldn't be in such mood for laughing upon my performance.


Well, my dear readers … If one would like to go into crashing race with me just go ahead … I'm ready for the distruction.


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