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Well, dear friends, here you'll be able to see the latest things from my YouTube channel. You'll be able to enjoy the parts of the story and other things I'm putting on there.

Have fun and enjoy the view!

"Ghosts" story - Current episode

Atempts of animation

LittleGhost's Adventures

Ghosts story part 1: The beginning

Second atempt of anomation and first ever with Anim Studio 6. Ghosts are travelling with their ship across the Glassy Waters.

LittleGhost's Adventures: Episode 1 Merry Christmas

This is this year's Christmas wishes from me - KnightGhost and all ghostly company. LittleGhost is one who sings with 4 more companions. Hope you like it.

Animation made with Anime Studio Debut 8 provided by SmithMicro. They're awesome so special thanks and Merry Christmas to them!

Bionicle: Mata Nui Online Game II Gameplay Series

Gaming with KnightGhost

My Musical Creations

MNOLG II Gameplay Series: Episode 6: How and Where to Train - How to Train Strength - Ta-Koro

From: KnightGhost1 | Dec 30, 2011 | 4 views
In MNOLG II you have to train all 6 skills in order to win all Kolhii matches. Strength is one of them and today we'll see how and mostly where to train this skill. I've made some helpful tips on the video so you will be able to fully understand and use the whole thing.

Happy Training

Gaming with KnightGhost: VS Play: Bejeweled 3 Diamond Mine: Kobram VS KnightGhost - Round 2

Well, the title says it all, however I want to mention that we both played on my acount so the results on the screen are all credited to KnightGhost. The differece in game play inbetween me and kobram is however obvious so you know Kobram really played the whole thing.

Hope you'll enjoy in Kobram's relatively good playing and won't be too annoyed with mine obvious stupidities I've made during gameplay which I saw only when watching the movie.

It's round 2 people, which was no better then first one, at least not for me. I've lost the game and the score in 2 rounds of 3 is 2:0 for Kobram.

Thanks for watching.

Ghosts Beginning by KnightGhost - Music Video

Pangya Ice Inferno 2nd hole sight-see

Ghosts - All related

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