KN News - full versions

Some videos are just too lnog to be published in whole on our YouTube channels so they will be broadcasted on here. Enjoy!

Knight-Nui News: 31st October 2010 (108th Halloween edition)


- Site Updates

- Forum discussions

- New videos on our Rugby TV channel

- New Edition of Funky Alphabet on Tidy TV

- Horror intro movie (as it should be for Halloween)

And much more.

Knight-Nui News 4th September 2010 (100th edition)

The first ever News broadcasted live


- KN New look - markers

- podcast questions

- Metroid Prime is out

- 3DS Preview

- Anniversaries anouncements

Knight-Nui News New Year's Special 2010/2011

Special edition of Knight-Nui News features everything from Knight-Nui network happenings and all the way to rugby, Doctor Who and general things which were most significent in last year. Approximately 1 and a half hour long edition brings you all this and more.