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The latest from KN's YouTube TV

"KN Multi-Player Party: Smash Bros Brawl 2"


TR plays Grancko again twice in another exciting instalment of the KN Multi-Player party. You'll never guess the winner...


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KN'S TV series guide:


The Doomy Blastoise:

Series one

1: Barry Scott Arrives

2: A Slippy Fate

3: Motorbike Madness

4: Annoyance down Under

5: Stage Fight

6: No more Sponges

7: 1000 Yells

8: Completley Jar-Jar


Series two

9: Picking the Petals

10: Liek ZomgZor

11: Huh?

12: The Doomy Charizard

13: Doom of the Doomy

14: A diddy Problem

15: Gotta Jet

16: Bang Bang Bang

17: Flying the flag

18: The Revenge of barry Scott

19: The Fires of Fury

20: Game Over


Series three

21. Press Start to continue

22. Time Fight

23. Third Wind

24. The Final Revelation

25. Electifing Encounter

26. Anniversary

27. The World Ends

28. Seeing Blue

29. The War Of The Worlds

30. Planetfall.

31. Heroes Fallen

32. Big

33. Second Sudden Doom"

34. Yes More Heroes

35. Bonfire/American Elections Spechial!

36. The Holiday Of Doom

37. The Puppet Master

38. Checkmate



- X The Christmas Special

- The Barry Scott Trilogy

- Doom of the doomy Trailer

- TDB Finale Trailer

- Series 3 Trailer

- The Doomy Blastoise Meets Doctor Who-Trailer



The Doomy Charizard

Series one

1: Starters Song

2: Electric Shocks

3: Searching Far and Wide

4:  The Blade of Darkness   Within

5:  The One With The Shorter Title Then...

6: Mission Impossible

7: Parellel Irritation

8: Jumpin' Jack Flash

9: Round Two... FIGHT!!

10: Apolocypse

11. The Great War

12. Meet your Maker


Series two

1. Through Flames And Fire

2. The Clash of the Titans

3. Wrapping the Pasts'

4. The Rise of Mortmal

5. Life Vs. Death

6. You can't fightr a warl

7. Comic  Distress

8. Charizard's Revenge



Why we dont do ads

1: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

2: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

3: Super Mario Galaxy

4: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

5: Pokemon??



Smash Saga

1: Episode 1

2: Episode 2

3: Episode 3



Pichu Hit & Run

1. Pichu And The Pokémon

2. Pichu And The Cake

3. Pichu and the LHC

4. Pichu and the CD

5. Pichu and the Microwave

6. Pichu and the 1337



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attornery- KN At Law

Episode 2:

1. The Missing Turnabout Part One

2. The missing Turnabout Part Two

3. The missing Turnabout Part three

4. The missing Turnabout Part four

5. The missing Turnabout Part 5

6. Turnabout To My Ears- Prologue



1. The Bad Objections

2. Ringtone

3. Iris can disobay phisycs.



The Spoofing-Jane Adventures

1. Day of the clown



Alternate Vortex



Game on Network



Chunky the Hedgehog

1. Pasties from Heaven

2. Chunky Life


The latest from Doomy Blastoise

The latest from Doomy Charizard

"The Doomy Charizard:The Sootopolis Legend "


Another long and complicated backstory is explained to Charizard and his team. ... (more info)   (less info)


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"DOCTOR WHO: Series 6- Trailer 2"


The trailer currently going around on the BBC. Exciting!

"Alternate Vortex: Special Special!"


A special dedicated to specials! What where the chances?


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"5 Years and Counting: The Story of"


On the 28th June 2006, two sat down at a computer and a legacy was born...


5 Years And Counting is an official short documentry consisting of interviews and opinions from the key players from throughout's history, charting the high and lows on one very bumpy journey...

The latest Multi-Player Party

The latest form Pichu Hit & Run

blastoise blastoise blastoise iMovie

"Pichu Hit & Run: Pichu and the chimney "


Oh, what's he up to now? ... (more info)   (less info)


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Knight-Nui News 18th December 2011 - 3rd Advent Week.


Sorry, but it's up now! A week ago's KN news, and the last in the weekly format. Hope you enjoy it! 


Well, it's actually a month ago since this news was created, but we hope it's still interesting.

"The Doomy Blastoise: Christmas at Larma Mans' "


Larma Man is stressed and Blastoise is hiding something. What ever could be going on? ... (more info)   (less info)


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4 years of KN TV

The latest from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- KN At Law:

"Ace Attorney KNAL Turnabout to my Ears (Part Two)"


The plot thickens!



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The latest from The Spoofing-Jane Adventures

"The Spoofing-Jane Adventures: Day of The Clown"


Some random edits of SJA clips, from episode two of series two, Day Of The Clown.


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The latest from Alternate Vortex

The latest from Game on Network

"Game On Network: Scribble Special"


This time, GON is dedicated to showing you a basic introduction to Scribblenauts, in part of a brand-new series, out every Sunday.


[We know it's Episode 10 and it says 8. Sorry]



More you can see on KN's YouTube TV

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