KnightGhost's home harbour, where the search begins ...


Welcome to my ghostly home harbour



I'm one of the ghosts who went to a mission in a Dreamwater world to search the secret of our lives. Which secret this is you can read in the story or see on my YouTube channel in the first episode of movie series presenting my story.


Quite some time I was a global moderator on Knight-Nui forum which is my home since I've joined and after a month of absence returned to stay there for good. Soon after becoming global moderator I was promoted to be an administrator and since then I'm even more eager to do as much as I can for our forum and sites.


I'm doing many things, not only on Knight-Nui forum, but in other areas of my life too and besides on Knight-Nui forum you will most often be able to find me on twitter, my YouTube channel or here on Home Harbour.


I love to do many things from writing my story, tweeting, making Knight-Nui News and many more things. I like music very much and besides everything I do for Knight-Nui Network I am devoted to 3D CGI animation and web designing. However nothing of this I do proffessionally, these things are only my hobby. Besides this I also like to support everything what is worth to be supported let it be good writers, musicians, great radio shows or all those magnificent people who are standing behind the scene of this sites and all of our network.


You are able to find everything on these pages, because all this is what I like, support and am a part of.

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